Capabilities & Equipment


CNC Cutting


All of our CNC cutting is accomplished using advanced software packages, allowing us to draw and nest parts quickly and efficiently. Our customers are provided with what they need in a timely, cost-effective fashion using a minimum of material.

wj-head Waterjet Cutting – Our abrasive waterjet cutting table can accommodate material up to 20′ by 25′. It is powered by a 100HP intensifier pump, allowing it to power through thick, tough material with ease, yet it can still achieve tolerances as tight as 0.002″. Our abrasive waterjet’s dual cutting heads allow us to cut duplicate parts twice as fast, saving both time and money.

plasma-table-partsPlasma Cutting – Our plasma cutting table can accommodate material up to 10′ by 20′. Our plasma cutting head slices through material up to 1-1/2″ thick at high speed while maintaining tight tolerances. Plasma cutting is a cost-effective way to cut plate, generally used to cut parts that will then be fabricated and welded.

Oxyfuel Cutting – Our oxyfuel cutting table can accommodate material up to 10′ by 20′. Our oxyfuel cutting torch can cut material up to 6″ thick while maintaining tight tolerances and clean, square edges. Oxyfuel cutting is a cost-effective way to cut heavier plate as an initial “roughing-in” stage before further machine work, or for parts for general fabrication.

Software – Our FastCAM software package allows us to quickly draw two-dimensional parts, and the accompanying FastShapes package enables us to easily create two-dimensional programs for three-dimensional parts, such as cones, transitions, elbows, repads, and many others. Our Columbus package offers extremely fast and efficient nesting capabilities, enabling us to use a minimal amount of plate and time.




With our ASME qualified welders and procedures, you’re not only assured of quality in building new tanks, vessels, and piping, but the same quality is adhered to in all our fabrication work.


Machine Work


Very few jobs are too large for our 18,000 square foot machine shop. We can turn up to 108” on our dual-head vertical mill and 42” on our surface grinder. We have a wide assortment of lathes and mills, and several 10-ton overhead cranes to handle just about anything you can throw at us.